Terms and Conditions

This web page comprises of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of itsinindia.com and its wide range of services. Visitors are requested to read this page very meticulously. By submitting the enquiry form or hiring a dedicated resource from Imperium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd (ITS), the visitors or customers agrees to accept the terms and conditions that are mentioned below.

We suggest all our visitors to go through this page very minutely. If any of our visitors are not willing to accept any of our terms and conditions, they are requested not to hire our services for their requirements.

Imperium Technology Solutions has the copyright of all contents belonging to this site. You are not supposed to produce any content without our prior consent.

Details about payment

Imperium Technology Solutions sends all details of the work and the hours to its clients along with an invoice via email. Any correction with regards to the work hours should be informed in writing within three days so that necessary adjustments can be done in the next invoice.

Imperium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd may change the Resource Assignment terms (even rates).

The customers need to pay for the resources idle time as well. Imperium Technology Solutions isn’t responsible for idle time if the customer doesn’t have any work to assign to the resources. We will make adjustment in the fees if the total day count happens to be less than the one that specified in the agreement.


Termination of any agreement is possible if the client ends all the resource assignments and clears up the due balance. Imperium Technology Solutions has right to end up the agreement if the client fails making payment on time and doesn’t take any step to take remedial action within a week of notice. If the agreement ends up because of the fault of the customer, all expenses with regards to termination of the agreement needs to be borne by the client.


Both the parties are not supposed to disclose any confidential information to any third party except as stated in the terms of the agreement. Imperium Technology Solutions Private Limited makes sure that its employees and contractors will certainly sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to maintain the specified confidentiality level.

Non Solicitation of Employees

AT the time of the Agreement for a period of two years after that, clients will not solicit the contractors or employees of ITS directly or indirectly without a prior written consent from us.