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Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

Information Technology Enabled Services(ITES)

ITES is accredited and laurelled to be one of the fastest growing or vehemently expanding service verticals. These kinds of solutions are being held at high regards because they are intensely interactive services for the customers. The growing demand of this particular solutions is immense and undeniable in the service sector.

At ITS we are highly aware of the responsibilities entrusted on our shoulders. Therefore we have come up with highly functional IT services and IT enabled services. The services that we have in st9ore would be capable of taking great care of your outsourcing necessities.

IT enabled services are thought to be highly effective for micro as well as small enterprises. They can envision some real growth adhering to these services.

Business process outsourcing is evidently a value added approach which we are keen to offer you. Similarly we have a line up for inscrutable business solutions which would add a wing to your business in a jiffy.


  • Internal audits – With the assistance of the ITES services you are about to streamline your office operations in the most amiable fashion. Because of the audits your core business activities are about to become more systematic.


  • Investment management – Investment management as well as cash management happens to be a value added solution which is highly regarded by the modern day business concerns as well as multinational entities. The clash flow aspects are going to be really streamlined.


  • Data processing – With the help of data mining and data processing efforts you can choose to make the accounting tasks a piece of cake. Important chores such as billing as well as collections are expected to become easy as breeze.


Give us a call or try out value based ITES solutions our for a rewarding experience.

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  • Networking and communication – Our value driven networking as well as communication systems are sworn to make your communication functions a piece of cake for you. Stuff like data transmission is about to become flawless in the real sense. We are going to present you with CMU contributed servers which will come very handy to make the communication functions value based ones.


  • Security Surveillance – Security Surveillance is a pretty important aspect of consideration at most of the business organizations. With the help of surveillance features you are going to manage as well as direct the security management of your business organization or private residence with a bang. We take care of the crucial technicalities to make sure that things flow off in a smooth fashion.


  • Service Provider for Smart Card – Cryptographic services are highly in demand in these days. Owning to the growing demand we are here to present unbeatable solutions that help you access the capacities of the smart cards seamlessly.


  • Data Digitization – It is a high end feature that adds a value quotient to your business which is praiseworthy. With the most rationalized services we ensure that your data and vital information remain intact and unspoiled.


  • Biometric System – With the proper usage and administration of the Biometric Systems we are going to ensure the security of products and services of your organization.


  • Kiosk Based system – Kiosk based solutions are becoming more opportune for the shopping malls as well as business entities of gigantic infrastructure. As a business entity you can make the most of the system while attending business conferences and trade shows.


  • E governance – Electronic governance or e governance is going to Lay the foundation of long term prosperity and growth of your business concern.


  • Hardware and software – Hardware and software solutions are our true forte. We house a team of gifted professionals who would give in their best of efforts to make things work for you.

With all the above combinations of the services it is known as “ITES”.