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We all wish our website designs to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and aesthetically timeless. ITS, is your ticket to wish fulfillment! To us web design is not just work, it is a way of our life, our very own creative canvas. We create effective website designs that exhibit a mix of craft, science, philosophy and story-telling.


Imperium Technology Solutions provide a holistic approach to website development. Our website development service is ‘client focused’ so that you can get ‘what’ you want, ‘when’ you want and ‘how’ you want! We offer affordable web development service so that small, mid and big budget clients can all get their customized web.


Imperium Technology Solutions provide top-of-the-line mobile application development solutions to clients across the globe. Our extensive app development experience stretching across every mobile operating platform enables us to visualize, realize and materialize our clients’ dream of a custom mobile app from the ground up.


Do you have a website for your online business? Then marketing your portal or doing web site promotion is very essential, as the site will be the source for you to earn revenue. Never think that you can expect traffic to your website just by developing it! To get daily traffic to your website, you need to use website promotion services.

About Us

  • Welcome to the world of ITS. We are an ISO 9001:2008 accredited Website Development Company, headquartered in Kolkata, India and with offshore business development wing in California, USA. ITS stands for Integrity, Tenacity and Sincerity and we continue to uphold our motto of serving our revered clients with unflinching honesty and dedication each day, ever since our inception, nearly a decade ago.
  • Professionalism runs deep in every quantum of our working process. We are a website design company with a penchant for perfection in every iota of our workspace. ITS create web designs that are unique, attractive and highly functional, taking inspiration from the latest trends and utilizing advanced technologies available. Besides, our prowess encompasses the highly competitive domains of Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps where we are gradually emerging as a promising enterprise.
  • ITS can help you in every step of your online business. Right from creating your e-business set-up with an eye-catchy website design to complete website development, site maintenance, and digital marketing, we provide complete IT service solutions under one roof. Come explore our site.
  • Looking for affordable webdesign company, web development services, mobile apps and digital marketing? We can offer you all of that and much more! Take a look at our services section and feel free to Request Quote.

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Our Specialties

ITS provides specialized and affordable web services of the following types.

Ecommerce Solutions

A professional ecommerce website design is the most critical element for your online success. You will never be able to sell your products and services if your customers do not find your site impressive. The ecommerce site’s look shouldn’t just ‘wow’ your customers it should also be well organized and easy to use.

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Website Design

Imperium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. triumphs as being one of the finest matrimony website design providers in India. We have worked end-to-end on some of the most talked about online matrimony site design projects and have executed them to perfection. Matrimony websites are unique from any other type of web entities in that respect; it builds ‘life connections’.

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Job Portal
Wbsite Design

Imperium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specializes in designing and developing world-class job portals. Backed by our expert website designers and developers, online marketing mavens and analysts in our team we create a roadmap for clients asking for job portal website design. We systematically look into their requisites, conduct a detailed analysis and scope of the work.

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Website Design

Imperium Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in creating unique and attractive dating website design. Our custom website designs meant for online dating are developed with the special intent of generating interest among the targeted segment of the website visitors. We ensure that the dating websites we develop have user interfaces that are truly engaging.

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Reverse Auction

Reverse auctions are very popular nowadays. In reverse auctions, the seller of the goods or service does the bidding whereas the buyer chooses the winning vendor. Reverse auctions are not like traditional auctions. Here the service provider is not only chosen based on their bid amount. The buyer chooses the winner basing on certain criteria like vendor reputation.

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Real Estate
Website Design

The real estate space in India has seen a momentous growth in 2013. This huge leap in the real estate sector is a direct outcome of the economic growth in the subcontinent in the last few years. The boom in real estate is also perceived to sustain in the coming years. For any real estate firm, showcasing their professional expertise and putting up a corporate image is crucial for business success.

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Open Source

Looking for an open source web application development company? We at ITS have expert open source application developers who can help you with designing templates, installing open source solutions and their modules, creating skins and doing design integration works with modern expertise. Our professional designers can help you make ground-breaking applications.

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Content Management

ITS has come up with an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) so that developing and maintaining your website becomes a stress-free job. Our content management software lets you maintain your business website without any problem. With our advanced CMS solutions, you can easily update the content, videos, images, and other related elements.

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Are you looking for a daily deal website design? You have come to the right place! We specialize in designing and developing daily deal website templates for our clients who are located all over the world. Being in the industry for long, we have developed a number of online deals websites. Surely not the pioneers but we are one of the best service providers in the industry.

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ITS is a one-stop destination providing affordable web design and development, mobile apps development, SEO, logo design and much more.

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Hosting Services

Website Maintenance

The major element in keeping your site afresh and updated is website maintenance. Without regular and consistent website maintenance the developed site becomes no less than a stagnant brochure. This reduces the traffic and eventually harms the business growth. So, your website always needs to appear updated and informed. A regular updated site attracts the customers.

The most common problem faced by business owner is keeping the website regularly updated. So, ITS has come with the website design and maintenance service – now you can concentrate on your business and let us handle the website related issues. With us, you can do away with hiring a costly web developer for your website maintenance. We offer high quality website maintenance and management programs at competitive rates.

Our website maintenance includes making changes in the content, adding new website pages, altering the existing page, redesigning the web pages etc. on a monthly basis. No matter whether it is website redesigning or updating the web content, we work keeping in mind the SEO guidelines.

Why do website maintenance from ITS?

  • Removing fault from the site
  • Removing unwanted codes from the site
  • Updating textual matters regularly on the website
  • Generating traffic report on the website
  • Keeping the design layout of the site intact, regular changing of graphics
  • Responding quickly to any tech-related issues that arise from the site
  • Checking irregular or broken links on the website

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Website Hosting Services

One of the most important things that you need, to have your website on the World Wide Web, is a web server. However, owning a web server involves a huge cost and needs technical expertise. So, most of the businesses do not have a web server. These businesses hire the services of a web hosting company to rent the server space and the bandwidth for maintaining their website files. By doing this, they store all their important images, information and content on the server.

Linux Hosting

We offer you 99.9% Up-time Guarantee. You also get unlimited databases (MySQL) with PHP5, Perl, CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails, CPAN, SSI Curl, and user friendly control panel.

Windows Hosting

Our windows hosting comes with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Our latest control panel (Plesk 9.x) pack includes – portals, online shopping carts, FTP accounts, Perl, PHP, Python, ASP.Net, AJAX Extensions and many more.

Email hosting

If you are using free email providers for your business conversations, it’s time you should start using our email hosting package. Unlike free email web hosting service providers, we offer you a complete access to your email through SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. This means you can use your email client such as Windows Live, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook for your business correspondence.

Database Hosting

We offer managed database hosting on shared environment and dedicated database servers. Our database hosting service is scalable to accommodate huge growth and managed by experts.

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Domain Name Registration

ITS offers cheap domain registration service to its clients for many years. We offer the lowest domain charge – Rs.330. We bet no other domain registrar can offer such price. If you want to take advantage of an affordable domain name registration service provider, contact us today.

Once you choose us as your registrar, we will be able to transfer the name of your domain, renew it whenever necessary and keep it protected and secured.

Domain Name Transfer

Imperium Technology Solutions helps its customers to transfer the domain based on very easy and simple terms. You do not have to undergo any risk during the transfer. During the transaction process, if due to any reason the transfer fails, we immediately refund the transfer amount to the customer’s account. At the time of the transfer, we take care of the domain name so that it does not have to undergo any change afterward.

Renew your domain name

Once you register the domain name, it remains valid for a specific period. You can renew the domain name after the expiry of the validity date. We take care to remind the customers via email about the renewal date. You can also visit the expiry date by visiting the ‘my domains’ section, under panel. We charge nominal fees for renewal process.

If you have already registered your domain name with any other organization, immediately transfer it to ITS and avail our domain registration services at much lower cost.

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Software Development

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the software that manages a business using some integrated applications. It integrates each phase of an operation, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, and development. With the growing popularity of ERP methodology, these software applications have been developed to help managers in their organizational activities in areas like inventory control, product planning, accounting, material purchasing, marketing, distribution, HR, and finance. Read more
Do you own a restaurant in India? Are you using restaurant management software? NO….!!! You might surely be having a tough timethen. How do you manage doing all these things like inventory management and control, food recipe costing, updating stock levels and price changes, calculating the cost of an event based on cost percentage, cover price and selling price, detailing general expenses without using our software? Read more
Are you in search of an enterprise level application for increasing your logistics efficiency? We can help you meet your needs at an affordable price.

As a leading service provider of logistics management solution in India, we develop bespoke software solutions focusing on the needs of your business. We ensure to upsurge your inventory tracking systems, improve your customer relation, update workflow, optimize business operations, enhance shipping process visibility, increase workflow, Read more
Are you running an enterprise? Is it large, small or in a phase of expansion? Whatever is its size, a lot of data pertaining to payroll and human resource is surely generated. Managing all these database and abundant information is a difficult task. We understand how herculean job it is. Hence, we at ITSININDIA have come up with the best payroll management software solution in India for handling your needs. Read more
Thousands of students queue up every year to collect admission forms submit them. Managing the entire scenario becomes a problematic affair for the college. Students and parents also get annoyed queuing up for collecting and submitting the forms. Understanding what people feel at this time, we have come up with college software. It is an online application that helps to manage students, staffs, teachers and more in a college easily. Read more
Our Hospital Management software in India has been skillfully designed for healthcare facilities. The software provides the finest messaging and automation system. The solution is scalable and reliable and has been developed focusing on the present day’s complicated stipulations and processing requirements. Itis designed in an intranet/internet environment and has the capacity of running on any kind of browser. It uses a browser-oriented interface and allows the users to navigate to context quickly. Read more
MLM stands for multi-level marketing. It is a marketing system, which follows a hierarchal form. In this kind of marketing, the main objective of a salesman is not just to sell the item but also to attract people to carry on this chain of selling those items further. As the chain grows on the initial salesperson keeps on enjoying the increasing profits. Read more
In most of the companies, visitors scribble their names in a paper book when coming in and going out. If your company does the same thing with your incoming and outgoing visitors, then it’s high time you should think about professionalizing the way of welcoming your visitors. The best way is to get a unique Visitor Management Software installed for your company. With a Visitor Management Module, you can welcome and manage visitors in an efficient manner. Read more
At ITS, we provide software package solutions to our targeted customers at an affordable price. We develop packaged application solutions for various business domains and industries. The software packages we offer are non-pirated and run successfully on the computers with right installation keys offered by the dealers. Our software is virus free and can run safely on different systems. Read more
Imperium Technology Solutions provide a holistic approach to website development. Our website development service is ‘client focused’ so that you can get ‘what’ you want, ‘when’ you want and ‘how’ you want! We offer affordable web development service so that small, mid and big budget clients can all get their customized web entities developed by us without having to go overboard with their budget. Our best-in-class web development service encompass – web content development, server-side/client side scripting, client liaison, Read more

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